What is the Korean Spirit, or the Korean Wave?


“Whatever that or whatever this
Whatever the arrowroot vines of numerous mountains are intertwined,
Be pleased for hundred years long, together.”

“Killed by killed after the hundred times, is my body,
The white bone and the ether of mine, turned out the dust and nothing,
Never and never disappeared, the one side fidelity of mine toward the principle.”

These days, “Six Flying Dragons”, the drama of the SBS is being a very hot topic. The story of the beginning of Chosun Dynasty in the end of the 14th century, of old Korea. The first poem had been spoken by the member of the new rising authority, Bangwon Lee, who had been the 3rd King of the Chosun Dynasty, and the second poem had been spoken by the member of the old authority, the sunken Goryeo Dynasty, Mongjoo Cheong, who had been killed by Bangwon Lee at the bridge of Sunjook at that time.


I will not to talk about the history but to talk about the poem, especially the first one by Bangwon Lee. This poem had not been given attention compared with the second one. The second poem is about patriotism or fidelity for the country. But, I think the first poem is the more attractive and surely expressed the Korean spirit, Culture and the Korean wave.
In Europe the big problem now is ISIS, provoking the rising of the anti-Islamic present. This problem towards Islamic activities is not new in Europe. The Religion is not about the People, the Nation, Race or the History. Those are not the problem, but the persons who are involved in the group itself.

I don’t want to say the problem is simple, and the ISIS is not the problem. The problem on ISIS should be urgently resolved. The Chosun Dynasty is not the only one in the kingdom’s history, but it was the foundation to the ancient Chosun in over 23rd Century B.C. It tells that the Korean spirit had the huge historical archives. The first poem is about the spirit of living together. The problems are only the ones to be solved. Like the arrowroot vines, the human being that’s living together are the ones who have a problem.

Ironically in Korea, the problem is that North and South are always fighting. The missile launching of North Korea provoking South Korea is the subject recently. It was sustained that the Gaesung economic cooperation program between two countries has stopped, in the city where the bridge of Sunjook.

But Korea will overcome this and its history.

After all, the principle is shattered by its coexistence.

The second one had been killed by the first one with an iron mace at Gaesung.

The principle is inflexibility in present.

The North Korea or the ISIS will be destroyed, but the Korean spirit will remain.

– Dr. Arnold Choi Column edited by Saab Choi –