Up-close and Personal with Kim Hyun Woo and Jin Ju Hyung

Article by: Jamie Emarzon Garcia
Interview by: Gia Allana Soriano and Jamie Emarzon Garcia

On the photo: Lead actors Jin Ju Hyung and Kim Hyun Woo, lead actress Devon Seron with the writer of the Movie You with Me Ms. Shine Deauna-Ricafort

South Korean Actors Kim Hyun Woo and Jin Ju Hyung visited the country for their movie You with Me’s meet and greet event, which was held at the lobby of Glorietta 4 Cinema. The two actors are the lead stars of the said movie. Hyun Woo and Ju Hyung will be acting alongside lead actress Devon Seron, a former PBB Teens Housemate.

Read on, as we share our exclusive interview with Hyun Woo and Ju Hyung.

Question: Is it your first time in the Philippines?
Hyun Woo’s translator: He came here when he was young, and then he came back [again] right now, so it’s his second time in the Philippines. He has memories with his dad, and he came for just a tour, so he was young that he doesn’t really remember a lot. The only thing he remembers is that he came with his dad, and he toured around, and he went to Pagsanjan Falls, Laguna.

Q: What are your thoughts about the Philippines?
Ju Hyung: First, the weather is so hot. So, I sweat [a lot.] Last night at the event, it was really awesome. I really appreciate the people. Because I did not expect many people [would] come to the event. So, I really appreciate it.
Hyun Woo, translator: They almost have the same idea that it’s hot in the Philippines. Second, when he was very young he remembers that Filipinos are really nice. And then they felt it yesterday again. And they didn’t really know that the event would be very big yesterday, and that so many people came. So, he got the energy from the fans, and [now he thinks] that he needs to work harder for this movie.

Q: What is the movie about?
Translator: [The movie] is about this girl in the Philippines who is an online English tutor. On the other hand, [my character, Jayson, has a] contract that needs to get done. So, he needs to do a presentation, but he needs to learn how to speak in English first.
That’s why he also registered online [to get a tutor.] Jayson and [an English tutor named] Kim meet online. They don’t know each other [personally.] But suddenly Kim visits Korea for a tour. However, they coincidentally meet in a movie theater, and also happen to sit beside each other, and that becomes the start of their love story. So, you guys will find out if it’s a happy ending or a sad ending.

Q: How did they learn about the said project?
Translator: When they were in Korea, they heard that a Filipino production and a Korean production were going to work together. They were already in contact [with the producers,] and they [learned that the said movie] were looking for actors. So, they saw the scenario and they got the script, but they did not know if they were going to do this movie or not.

Q: What made them hesitate when the offer was made?
Translator: Because Ju-hyung already had a drama starting in Korea, Hyun-woo said he could star right away in different movie or drama. So, it was a confusing situation, but the production wanted both of them, so with that [they thought] it was a really good chance to do the movie.

Q: Did they participate in an international movie before ‘You with Me’?
Translator: Ju-hyung already filmed a movie in China, and other countries [as well.] But Hyun-woo hasn’t tried yet, so it’s a really good opportunity for both of them.

Q: What’s your first impression of Devon?
Ju Hyung: She’s cute, also she’s beautiful. She treats us well, I think she’s a nice girl.
Hyun-woo: Same. Almost the same impression.

Q: You speak well in English, I’m just curious, how did you learn?
Ju Hyung: Actually, I lived in Singapore for six years and I lived in Canada for two years.

Q: Where in Canada?
Ju Hyung: Toronto

Q: What’s the difference between Korean and Filipino productions? Have you started shooting for the movie?
Translator: No, they haven’t started shooting yet.
Ju Hyung: The culture is different, right? Actually, I’ve been in a Malaysian movie. Malaysian [people] are so kind to me, and I’m very comfortable shooting with the director.
Translator: They were like friends, it’s not like a business kind of relationship. Because they’re comfortable with each other, he thinks it will be better for him when he [starts] acting when they start shooting.
Ju-hyung: I think same as in Malaysia.

Q: You did a lot of dramas before, which one is the most memorable role for you?
Hyun Woo, translated: I haven’t done a lot of dramas or movies yet. I’m still in the process of learning how to act, so I remember every single character or projects that I did. Every character is special to me, because I still have a long way to go when it comes to learning.
Ju Hyung, translated: I also have a long way to go when it comes to learning, but I remember the first drama that I did. I was casted as the younger version of the main character. I worked with my best friend. When we were young, we had a dream that we will do a project together, but that came really early. That’s why it is the most memorable character for me.

Q: You were in Hwarang, what’s your working relationship with the cast?
Ju Hyung: First, Minho, I didn’t expect that he is kind. Actually, he’s kind. It’s the truth. He’s like one of my older brothers, he’s very friendly.
Ju Hyung’s translator: [Their relationship was harmonious,] because their ages were almost in the same range, so they felt like friends. [In “Hwarang”] he was a warrior, a traditional soldier in Korea. [In the show] he had a brother, and both of them also work really well together. [He also thinks that everyone] is also really nice.

Q: If given a chance, what place would you like to visit in the Philippines?
Hyun Woo & Ju Hyung: Palawan!
Translator: Because Palawan is very famous in Korea, along with Boracay and Cebu.

“You and Me” is produced by Gitana Film Productions. The movie is Directed by Rommel Ricafort, and written by Shine Deauna-Ricafort. It will hit the big screen this coming September 27.