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Sector 7: Review

I want to start off by saying this movie is for those who really love monster movies. The story is built upon the real Sector 7, an off shore Oil rig that lies between the south of Jeju island and Japan. As Korea is not an oil producing country and relies heavily on imports, the real Sector 7 is believed to hold great amount of natural gas and petroleum. For Korea and its miners, the real sector 7 is a dream that still has to come true.
Set against such a strong back drop, the movie Sector 7 does not make a great impact on me or does not deliver what i expected of it and I have to tell you I am a person who thoroughly enjoys monster and animal movies. Did I say I have the entire Jurassic park, Godzilla and Komodo collection?
The movie starts off with the discovery of tiny, shiny creatures about 8000 meters below sea level. Then with a screen shot saying ‘after a few months’; we see the main lead Hae Jun (Ha Ji Won) and some of her crew members having a few rough and comical moments on the oil rig. As they fail to find oil after many attempts, the crew is ordered by the headquarters to return to land and sends captain Jeong-Man played by Ahn Sung Kee to finish thing off at sector 7. But due to the belief and stubbornness of Hae Jun, she stays back determined to find oil. Thus, her crew stays back as well.
After a few months, when Hae Jun and one of her assistant go under water to do some technical work, her assistant is suddenly met with an accident and dies right in front of her eyes. Following, the death of her assistant, the scientist and one of Hae jun’s best friend dies. Following that, the doctor dies too. Later, the crew discover the reason for these deaths. How they tackle the reason and how many survive is left for you to see. You dint expect me to tell you the entire story, did you?
The director, Kim Ji Hoon has had a good vision but was unable to put his vision in motion. He has based his story on a very strong ground, however mixing t up with a monster and bloodshed was over the board or as trying hard to deliver everything from comedy, to love, to fear and action within an hour and a half.
Firstly, the characters he developed did not have any dept in them or the characters don’t make an impact on the audience. For example, Ha Ji Won’s character is shown to be very strong, confident and a brave. However, throughout the movie she carried around this anger which sometimes over takes the ‘strong, confident’ character and reminds us soo much of Gil Raim from Secret Garden. The reason for this anger is indeed explained later on in the film, but fails to make a logical explanation.
Later as the movie progresses, there are certain scenes that try to give us a hint that there is a monster living amongst them. For example, one of the crew members of the ‘clown’ character is bitten on the lip which leads to his lips being swelled up in a very unusual way. This should strike at least the scientist to find out the reason behind it. However, none of them bother about and life just goes on. Later, when one of the Hae Jun’s assistant dies irrespective of all the safety measures taken on the rig, no one bother to come back and check what went wrong and why the accident happened. These are some of the things that the director over looked.
Then, there are some random motor cycle scenes which does not make sense to me. Yes, our heroine is very tom boyish, but trying to escape from the screaming monster, by driving a bike through the monster, does not make absolutely any sense or make a good action scene.
Then, there is a typical love relationship between Ji Won and Jo Hi Ho, one of her worker. This character or the love chemistry was not necessary, if you ask me. It was indeed a very forced character which was made to bring sympathy in the end and to show that our heroine is not total stone heart. But again, there was something missing that makes us audience think what he is doing. The other cast in the movie are mere vegetables who are put in to be preyed by the monsters.
The director has really tried hard to replicate the Hollywood monster movies with some cliché scenes such as the monster’s tongue search for its prey or scenes like even after the monster gets burned, it still does not die or even the hero gets eaten by the monster right in front of the heroine’s eyes. It was almost like watching a budgeted Hollywood movie where the characters speak Korean.

Apart from this, some of the aspects i would like to give credit is the CGI. Well, it may not be the very best like Avatar or other such films, but it is indeed well done and surely does cross the above average line. It was indeed a good effort put in by the CGI team to output a gruesome looking monster. But, I guess the head of the CGI team was craving for some lobster which, he apparently created as a monster. To put it in short, the monster is a monstrous looking lobster!
The costume designer has followed the storyline perfectly without breaking the continuity of the scenes. All the characters donned the oil rig worker clothes the throughout the movie with certain sequential changes.

Thus, unlike the others, i really did enjoy this movie. Yes, it does have bit of a shaky story line, however, i still enjoyed some of its ‘on the edge scene’ and few of its action scenes and definitely Ha Ji Won’s acting skills. If you loved The Host or other monster movies, then i give this a thumbs up to add it to your list. Here is the sneak peek for you!