Penshoppe Successfully Commenced Their Spring-Summer 2016 Campaign with Sandara Park

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The team up between Penshoppe and Sandara Park created an uproar last April as Penshoppe brought Dara to Manila for a series of events to officially start the brand’s spring – summer 2016 campaign. Penshoppe is known to be an international fashion brand, while Dara is a member of one of the biggest South Korean girl group “2NE1” who’s well loved in the K-Pop scene all over the world, which makes her fit to be one of the brand’s ambassador.

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A press conference was held on April 01, 2016 which was hosted by Chino Lui Pio. According to Dara, it’s a dream came true for her to be an endorser of Penshoppe. Well who wouldn’t want to be lined up with the biggest names in the international fashion and entertainment scene such as Sean O’Pry, Mario Maurer, Kendall Jenner and Lucky Blue Smith to name a few of the brand’s endorsers. During the press conference, Dara also shared that she likes wearing casual clothes and among her top picks are Penshoppe’s jagger pants, boyfriend jeans and distressed pants which she described as “swag”. The singer – actress who entered the entertainment industry through a talent competition in the Philippines back in 2004 expressed her desire to do a comedy movie again in the Philippines with Vice Ganda or be a judge of a talent competition show.

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After the press conference, Dara went to attend Penshoppe’s fashion show in Trinoma. The next day, Penshoppe held a meet and greet for her on SM North Edsa Sky Dome where she was able to interact with Filipino Blackjacks (Fans of 2NE1).

Right after the press conference on April 1, we were fortunate enough to have a one-on-one interview with Dara. Read on, as we share our interview with her.

Q: If given a chance, who would like to have a photo shoot with among the other Penshoppe endorsers?

A: “I would choose Mario Maurer because he’s a good friend of my friends. I already met his manager and his older brother, but I haven’t met him yet. He’s so busy, if there’s a chance, I would like to meet him.”

Q: If given a chance to choose among the YG artists to be with you as a Penshoppe endorser, who would you choose and why?

A: “There are actually a lot. But I think I will choose Jinwoo from Winner. Because He’s like my brother and he looks like me. He’s really quiet and shy type. So I told him that he will be my brother.”

Q: You are known for having a youthful look, being a global star with a very hectic schedule, how do you maintain to look young and fresh all the time?

A: “It’s really hard. When there are special events, I would put on a mask on my face.”

Q: What’s your most unforgettable trip to the Philippines after your debut?

A: “It’s during our concert tour here (All or Nothing). We had our concert in Mall of Asia Arena. It was very memorable, even the girls (2NE1) really enjoyed it. They even said that they wish Philippines is also their 2nd home.”

Q: What is your favorite Filipino movie? Excluding your own movies.

A: “There are a lot, I really like Tagalog movies. The last movie that I watched was Kathryn and Daniel’s movie. I watched it last year when I went back here last year. I also remember “Jologs” a very old movie.”

Q: You joined Yoo Jae Suk and Yoo Hee Yeol on Sugarman. How was it working with them?

A: “It was really nice because they were one of the biggest and most famous host and musician in Korea. I was really nervous in the beginning because I didn’t know what to do or how will I talk. But they were really nice. They told me that I can say whatever I want and just be myself. They were like big brothers to me.”

Q: We do know that you are friends with Lee Jun Ki and Jung Il Woo who are both actors. Who among them would you like to work with in a drama?

A: “Can I choose both? If I have to choose one, I will pick Jung Il Woo, because before when we worked together on a drama, it was just for one episode. I hope I can make a full length movie or drama with him.

Q: Aside from 2NE1, who would you like to bring and tour around the Philippines among your Korean friends?

A: “There are really a lot. Last year, I brought my co-stars on “We Broke Up”. They really had fun. Now I want to take my hoobaes from YG like Winner and Ikon. If they will have a tour here, I told them that I will go with them to be their tour guide.”

Q: Have you met Kang Dong Won since he signed under YG?

A: “Not yet, because although we’re in the same company, our buildings are separated.”

Q: What do you like the most about your Filipino Fans?

A: “They are really different. They are very supportive and loyal. Maybe because they do know what I went through since “Star Circle Quest”. Maybe that’s why our feelings are different, we’re very “sticky”.”

Philippines just can’t get enough of Sandara Park and her team up with Penshoppe is a perfect way for us to have another glimpse of her. One thing’s for sure, Dara will always go back to the Philippines because it’s her second home.