One K Global Campaign

The One K Global Campaign was formally launched at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City last August 16, 2016 as part of the Korean Unification movement with hopes of contributing to the larger effort of advancing regional peace and global security.

The beginning of this campaign was the start of “A New Era Unification Song Campaign” led by Action for Korea United (AKU) in 2015. It has spread a yearning for Korean reunification and a strong desire for “One Korea.” The Campaign kicked off with highly publicized events in the USA and Japan, along with a One K K-Pop concert at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in South Korea, which reached millions of people across the globe.

The theme song, “One Dream One Korea,” has gained millions of views on the internet from worldwide K-pop fans across more than 220 countries.

The One K Global Campaign Organizing Committee now aims to further expand this message by embarking on a global-scale campaign with another landmark song akin to “We Are the World,” a 1985 recording performed by legendary pop star Michael Jackson and other leading artists from the USA to prepare a charity fund for refugees from Africa.

The idea came after American pop producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis had announced “We will make the Korean version ‘We Are the World’” at the United Nations General Assembly Hall. Since then, other artists including Peabo Bryson had also expressed their intention to participate voluntarily.

In the same spirit as “We Are the World,” AKU believes that songs can have a significant impact on the world, influencing minds and hearts to bring about cooperation and harmony among differences.

The Philippines will be the first to host a series of global tours for the campaign with this upcoming song as the theme. Like South Korea, the country understands the importance of peace given its own experience of colonization and regional tension with neighboring powers. The strong ties and similarities between the two nations make the Philippines a partner of hope for Korean reunification and world peace.

After the Philippines, the global tour will happen next in the United States, India, Japan, and 10 other countries.