Korean Artist PARK, JOO WON


How much do you understand about the Music being played by the Music Instruments?

We often listen to music without knowing its meaning. If you’re a normal person, you cannot be swayed by listening to a recital of Musical Instruments. Those sounds are just good for listening. I am also a normal person, when I attend to recitals for Piano, Violin or other musical instruments, I really enjoyed listening to it and sometimes I’m moved by their performance, but it was unusual. Recently, I attend a live performance. For the first time, I realized that I was moved at the sound of a guitar.

Who is Korean Guitarist, Park Joo Won? He is a Korean guitarists and song-writer. He is marvelous guitarist, playing Gypsy music. Surely he is a magician of six strings. When you listen to him, you’re surely moved by his playing. He’s able to express his feelings by playing guitar. When you have a chance to see his performance, you’ll be able to hear his answers thru his music. When you ask “who fall in love?” he’ll answer you by making a good melody thru his guitar. In 2011, Paul Potts, who is a famous Opera Singer in United Kingdom, praised his amazing guitar playing thru his Twitter.

In 2013 at Singapore, ‘Music Matters’, the World Music Market also attend the showcase, and gave a deep impression to the world of music. He is also a song writer and composed two (2) song including ‘Modern Times’ by I.U (a Korean pop singer). He also worked on some OST like, ‘Love Fiction’, the movie ‘Money Incarnation’, ‘Man Besides Flower’, ‘1st Coffee Prince’, ‘Sickgaek’ and the TV drama ‘Windy Flower Garden’.

Listening to a live Guitar recital of Park Joo Won never failed my ears. He can definitely move our hearts by just playing it. And you’ll be impressed by listening to it. I surely recommend it.

Park Joo Won is born at Seoul South Korea in 1980 and he graduated at Seoul Artists College.

– 1st. Album, ‘Time of Gypsy’ in 2009
– Digital Single, ‘007 James bond theme’ Cheon, Jae Duck &. Park, Joo Won in 2010
– 2nd. Album, ‘Fiesta in Sadness’ in 2011
– Special ‘Gypsy Christmas’ in 2012
– 3rd. Album, ‘Captain’ in 2013
– Special ‘Gypsy Cinema’ in 2015

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