K-Wave, the spirit

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What is the Hanryu of K-Wave?
We only just heard about K-Pop K-Beauty and K-Fashion.
Is the new trend always pass by?

I think it will pass by, and miss the K-Spirit.I don’t want to define “K-Spirit” as if it was written in the dictionary, but I’ll explain it thru a remarkable person, and you’ll get the meaning of K-Spirit.

It was the late Chairman Chung, Ju-Yung, the founder of Hyundai Group in Korea. He was an Icon of Entrepreneurship and was known for his famous line “Have you ever tried?”
Every time his subordinates at business is having a negative feeling about starting a new business, Chung always reply “Have you ever tried?”. His motto always sum up the demands of this business leaders: Chung inspires business leaders to have a strong Spirit of Challenge, Inventiveness and Innovation as well as determination to push forward regardless of daunting obstacles. And because of this Spirit, Chung becomes a leader of Korea’s Top Global Enterprise.

His achievements of taking commends for “The World Largest Shipyard” paid off. After presenting to his clients with only 500won highlighting Geobukseon – a famous Korean warship that Admiral Yi Sun-sin used in Korean War against Japan in the 16th century. It was a motivating force to Korea to be the one of the World’s Top Ship builder. And at that time Korea don’t have infrastructure and knowledge about this.

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In the mid-1970’s, Chung decided to enter construction trade in the Middle East. It was at the peak of the oil crisis and there are many people opposed him in his decision. People told him that it was too hot in the Middle East and there were only limited water. But Chung told them, “We can sleep during the day, and work at night. We have a great quantity of sand to make a concrete cement. We can get water from Korea through oil tankers and we will filled the tankers with oil to transport it back to Korea.” His strategies are always out of the box. At that time Hyundai had a contract for a huge industrial harbor construction at Jubali, a city that is located at the coast of Saudi Arabia. Chung earned an international trust by complementing the project eight months early before the due. He doesn’t have a construction experience in the international standards, but Chung dared to start the project from scratch. And because of that Korea began its construction industry in the Middle East.

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How did you think Chung done that without money and resources?
It’s because he always had Korean Spirit with him.
You can always do that if you have K-Spirit with you.

* Written by Dr Arnold Choi, Edited by Saab Choi