EXO’LuXion in Manila: A Record Breaking Two-Night K-Pop Concert in the Philippines

EXO’LuXion in Manila made its mark in the history of K-pop in the Philippines being the first ever K-pop concert that was sold out within merely a day, causing Pulp Live World to push through a second night, making yet another record as the first ever two-night K-pop concert in the country.


Exo Planet #2: The EXO’LuXion is Exo’s second concert tour and the Manila leg of their concert that was held last January 23-24, 2016 at the Mall of Asia Arena was their first major concert in the country. Exo is currently one of the most popular group in South Korea which is compose of Xiumin, Suho, Lay, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Chen, D.O., Kai and Sehun. Though the Chinese member Lay was not able to make it to the concert and Kai and Xiumin were injured because of their recent activities, they were still able to put up a remarkable concert.



The concert started with Exo’s performance of “Overdose” followed by “History”. The third song that they performed was “El Dorado” wherein gigantic light sabers rised up somewhere in the middle of the stage. The group then greeted Filipino Exo-Ls (Exo’s fans). Kai, one of the group’s main dancers apologized because according to him, he knows that their Filipino fans were waiting for them for too long and yet he is injured and will not be able to perform well. Xiumin who was also injured because of participating on the Idol Athletics in Korea promised that he will perform well next time. The concert then proceeded with their songs “Don’t Go” and “Playboy” which were accompanied with sexy dance moves. Furthermore, the Vocal line which includes Baekhyun, Suho and D.O. showed their vocal powers when they sang the ballads “Baby Don’t Go” and “My Answer”. Exo returned to the stage wearing red suits after a VCR was played and they performed the songs “The Star” and “Exodus”. Afterwards, another VCR was shown giving Exo a time to change their outfits. They returned to the stage wearing cute Mickey Mouse red hats paired with dwarf shoes and they performed the songs “Peter Pan” and “XOXO”. The concert continued while Exo was changing their clothes on stage covered only with a white wall which was made with paper while singing the song “Lucky” followed by “3.6.5.” Chanyeol then shared his experience of going to the Philippines nine years ago when he visited Pagsanjan Falls, while D.O. acknowledged his love for mangoes that’s why he was called “DOmango”. Leader Suho then announced that they have a late Christmas gift and they serenaded the fans with their hit Christmas ballads “Christmas Day”, “First Snow” and “Miracles in December”. Chanyeol then took center stage and turned into a DJ making Exo-Ls get up and jump with their songs “Full Moon”, “Machine”, “Let Out the Beast” and “Run”. Then they subsequently performed their chart topping hits “Growl”, “Call Me Baby” and “Love Me Right” where the audience on the VIP floor area dance to and looked like a mini flash mob which was noticed by Xiumin, he told the members about it and they asked they asked the audience to dance again while they were singing in acapella. Baekhyun then named them “PhiXo” which means Philippine Exo. He even added that if they will release a new song, he wants to know if their fans can also follow the dance steps. Another VCR was played and soon after Exo performed their last two songs “Sing For You” and “Unfair”. During the encore, the fans raised the banners as a part of a fan project. Suho got a copy of the banner with the message “We always want to stay with you. Don’t go!” He thanked Filipino Exo-Ls for coming to the concert. While holding the banner, he said “We received a big gift from you”, he read the banner and replied to the message “We also want to stay here with you but we have to go back in Korea. But we’ll be back soon!” “Please wait for us for our next concert and we’ll do our best for you guys here in the Philippines” he added. His final message was “Mahal kita! Mahal kita, Philippines!” (I love you Philippines).


Despite of the rumors that Exo will not hold a concert in the Philippines, Pulp Live World was able to produce an awesome concert. A dream come true for every Pinoy Exo-Ls and it was really worth the wait!


(Photos by Gia Allana Soriano)