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Dating a Korean: How to date a Korean Woman?

The first that I share to all is “How to date a Korean Man?”
Now I’m back, and here are some things that you should know,
How to capture your Dream Girl in Korea.

♥ Prepare to get fat
Korean girls love to feed their men. Fatten them up for the kill, so to speak? They’ll make you so undesirable that no woman in their right mind would want to see you naked. Plus Korean girls and their ridiculous metabolisms allow them to eat anything; whenever she wants. You can always tell which guys have been in long-term relationships by how chubby his face is.

♥ Her Purse
Carry her designer purse for her when she asks you to. Embarrassing? YES. But it’s most embarrassing is when she keep on blabbing about you don’t carry her purse as every couple did.

♥ All the Ladies in the house!
Be nice to her sister, her mother, her grandmother, her aunt, her great aunt, her aunt’s cousin’s sister-in-law’s step-sister. Oh, and to her best friend, too, but not THAT nice because then she’ll assume you’re hitting on her friends and that’s not well for you. Your girlfriend’s female relatives can be your best ally or your worst enemy.

♥ Don’t FORGET
Every Korean girl has a materialistic beast inside her that craves the likes of LV, Gucci, Dior and Chanel. Remember dates, like the 100th day after you met, the 100th day after you first kissed her. And buy her a little something accordingly. So in other words.. BE RICH… or at least keep up appearances that you are. Your first gift can’t be something too cheap or else she’ll think you’ll never be able to provide for her “stay at home and look hot” lifestyle. But at the same time, you can NEVER downgrade.

Pretend not to notice when she’s stuffing her face. Most Korean girls will pretend that she doesn’t eat that much but once you get closer you will know that a Korean girl’s stomach has no bounds and limitations.

♥ Make her feel SPECIAL
Most Korean girls like to feel special. Don’t check out other girls when you’re spending time with her. She has eyes like a hawk and will notice if you so much a glance at another girl. She’ll make a big deal and start a fight with you in the middle of the mall/park/parking lot, etc. If you do get busted, your first words better be, “Why all girls are so damn ugly next to you, baby? Let’s go to Chanel.”

♥ PIGGYBACK fiasco
When you go drinking remember that she drinks way more than she’s letting on. Korean girls hardly get drunk but they would like to appear it so you can take care of her just like in the movies. But then again Korean girls only drink lemon. She’s probably faking the whole drunk act just so you can give her a piggy back ride.

Korean women are way too different with the Korean men. They have different perspective when dating. They are both unique.

NOTE: These things are base on my research through internet. If you are not satisfied please let me know. Thank you!