Dara is Back on Philippine Cinemas

​After years of concentrating on her music career in South Korea, Sandara Park better known as Dara of 2ne1 is back on Philippine cinemas. “One Step” is her first Korean movie where she is the main character. The movie is about a girl named Si Hyun who loses her memories and has acquired a rare condition called Colored Hearing, where she can visualize sounds into colors. According to the actress, portraying such a role was very difficult but she still enjoyed filming the movie, and hopes to keep on acting and singing in the future.

​During the Press Conference, Dara was asked various questions. Read on as we share some of her interesting and witty answers.

Q: There’s a lot of difference between filming a movie and doing your routine as a singer and as a member of 2ne1, how was the experience and how did you adjust?

A: There’s a lot of difference, in 2ne1 we made our own songs and we practiced together, but filming a movie requires a different team work. The director, writers and the cast talked about the script. The preparation took us about 2-3 months. So we were ready when we were on the set, and it took us only 1 month to shoot the movie.

Q: We saw some of the Korean shows where you promote the Philippines. What is the reason why you love our country?

A: It’s because of you why I am here. If it weren’t for your text votes and your love for me during the SCQ (Star Circle Quest) days, I wouldn’t make it this far. That’s why I love the Philippines because I am very thankful and this is where I started.

Q: How did your experience as an actress here in the Philippines helped you on doing your very first movie in Korea.

A: It was a big help. It was too long ago when I made some movies here in the Philippines. I thought I already forgot how to act, but I was actually surprised that I still know how to act and the staff were actually amazed and they were asking me how I did that. I told them that I made some movies in the Philippines before.

Q: What are your plans with regards to your singing career?

A: For now, I’ll be a solo artist. All of us (2ne1) will be on our solo careers. Hopefully after a few years, we will be given a chance to work again together.

Q: Do you have any upcoming shows on ABS-CBN (TV network in the Philippines)?

A: Well hopefully yes. Because last year they said that I should just tell them what I wanted. I’m still waiting for Pinoy Boy Band Superstar 2 and Star Circle quest. I would like to be one of the judges again.

Q: If given a chance, who among the Korean male celebrities would you like to work with?

A: There are actually a lot and I want to work with them one by one if given a chance, like Song Joong Ki, Park Bo Gum, Gong Yoo all of them are great actors.

Q: What about with the local actors? Who among them is your dream leading man, aside from the ones that you have already worked with?

A: I already said it before, I want to work with Mr. John Lloyd Cruz. His eyes are different while he’s acting. I want to shoot a romantic comedy with him if given a chance.

Q: With all the celebrities that you have worked with here in the Philippines, who among them are still your friends and how do you keep in touch?

A: My friends during SCQ, we still have a group chat and Joross is still my best friend until now. Luis Manzano is also a close friend, nothing actually changed.

Q: What about Hero Angeles? I heard he already has a family.

A: We don’t have any communication.

Q: What are your investments ever since you entered showbiz?

A: I don’t have much investments, just a house, some cars and clothes. Because I really like fashion and I collect shoes and bags. My experiences on showbiz are really my biggest investments.

Q: What’s the difference between the crowd in Korea and the people here in the Philippines that you expect to watch your movie?

A: I am expecting a wilder crown in the Philippines. It has been like that ever since.

Q: Will you be going to some of the screenings?

A: I really want to, but I have to leave on May 9. But if given a chance, I really want to go.

Q: You mentioned before that you like to make a movie with Vice Ganda, any update on that?

A: There’s no update as of the moment but I am expecting to meet her on Monday on their TV show “Showtime”. Maybe we can talk about it and tell the bosses that we really want to do a movie.

Q: How will Filipinos relate to your movie?

A: Filipinos love music, so I think that’s one thing that they can relate to. It’s also about overcoming your fear, so anyone can relate to it.

Q: What are your plans after this movie? There were some rumors that you will make an album.

A: Yes, but I haven’t started recording yet because of my schedule for the next movie.

Q: Going back to the movie, what was the hardest scene that you did?

A: The scenes where I see sounds and colors. I have to pretend that I am seeing something, but in reality, I don’t see anything and it’s just the special effects.

Q: What’s the title of your next movie that you are shooting?

A: Cheese in the Trap that was also a famous Korean Drama.

Q: Will you also play the lead role?

A: Well no, my character is the friend of the lead role.

Q: When will it be shown?

A: I still don’t know as of now. Because in Korea, after shooting, it still takes some time before the movie premier. Maybe next year or by the end of this year.

Q: How many movies have you done here in the Philippines?

A: 4 movies I think. “Because of you”, “Can this be Love?”, “The Lucky Ones” and “Super Noypi”.

Q: We are curious, do you have a boyfriend right now?

A: No, I don’t have a boyfriend right now.

Q: Since you left Manila?

A: I had some M.U. (mutual understanding) but I was not brave enough to have a boyfriend. Because before I was scared of our boss. Because one of the inclusions in our contract is to not have a boyfriend for three years. There are also a lot of paparazzi in Korea. That’s why I am not comfortable of being in a relationship.

Q: Ever since you came back here in the Philippines, did you noticed any changes?

A: With regards to showbiz, there are a lot of new artists that I didn’t know. About the places, particularly in The Fort, there were no buildings before, but now there are a lot of buildings. With the people, nothing changed. I still have my friends and my fans here. Maybe that’s one of the reasons that I keep on coming back.

Q: There were rumors that you are the reason of the breakup of Robi Domingo and Gretchen Ho. What can you say about it?

A: That’s not true because Robi and I are just friends.

Q: Did you undergo a series of workshops before you started to film?

A: I had acting workshops before, but before this movie I didn’t had workshops.

Q: How do you differentiate the shooting here in the Philippines and in Korea?

A: It’s just the same, we also spend hours for shooting and taping.

Q: When Minzy left 2ne1, you said that you have recorded one more album. Is there a chance that fans will still hear those songs?

A: That’s also one of my wish, but I think there’s a misunderstanding about that. I said that we made an album that was produced by CL, but we didn’t have a chance to record the songs.

Q: You have a lot of projects, how do you maintain your youthful glow?

A: I apply a mask pack every night before sleeping. I really don’t know what’s the secret, but I think you should always think positive and smile a lot. Because if you are stressed, you will become ugly.

Q: How did you removed your eyebags?

A: Maybe it’s just the concealer.

Q: If ever you’ll lose your memories about the Philippines, what do you think is the song that will help you bring back your memories?

A: Maybe it’s “In or Out” because I sang that song all over the Philippines when I was promoting it. I think it will bring a lot of memories here in the Philippines.

Q: If given a chance, would you still like to do an album here in the Philippines?

A: Yes, I really like that. It’s just that I don’t have enough time yet.

​“One Step” will be shown on cinemas nationwide starting May 10, 2017. There will also be blocked screening organized by Dara’s fans all over the Philippines. Let’s all the movie to show her our love and support!