CHITWN Music’s R&B Artist OWOL to Release New Single Album “NUNA” With a Fresh New Sound

R&B artist OWOL, whose rounded vocals and thrilling dance moves have captured the hearts of many K-POP fans around the world, will be releasing his new solo single album, NUNA​, through CHITWN Music Inc. in the beginning of February 2017.

OWOL first became known as ‘K’ in the idol boy group Wonder Boyz before the group’s disbandment, but has now entered the Korean underground hip-hop scene and is known for his unique performances and blends of different music genres, vocals and rap. He recently performed at Korea’s First Annual Hip Hop Festival, which staged some of the biggest names of Korean Hip Hop, such as Beenzino, Jay Park, and Jessi.

A collaborated project between OWOL and CHITWN Music producers, MO’I and Heth, NUNA​ is OWOL’s second single album released through CHITWN Music. The track features rapper Microdot, who was renowned for his powerful stage presence on Show Me The Money 4. Microdot’s energetic rap featuring complements OWOL’s voice on the song, which captures the struggles of a young man pursuing a relationship with a popular “Nuna” (older woman).

NUNA ​will be available for listening on-line and purchasing early February.