6 Reasons Why We Can’t get Enough of Jungkook’s Chatbot That’s Made by a Filipina

Gone are those days where we use to just read fan fiction or fanfic to satisfy our fangirl needs. With the innovation of chatbots, particularly the Facebook messenger chatbots, we can now have an interactive story.

Chatbot is the Millennials’ version of a Fanfic. Fanfic is a story made by fans which includes their idols. Meanwhile, a chatbot are services that mimic conversations with people in order to interact with your audience.

If you are an ARMY (Fandom name of BTS), chances are, you have tried the Jin and Jimin’s chatbot. But recently, the Jungkook chatbot is gaining popularity and it is made by a Filipina named Kat.

Kat is an incoming 4th year BS Psychology student in UP Diliman. She created her own Jungkook chatbot last June because back then, she couldn’t find an active Jungkook chatbot. In less than a month, her chatbot now has more than 26,000 users!

We tried this chatbot and we listed down the reasons, why it is very addicting:

1. It feels like talking to the real Jungkook

Since the creator of this chatbot is a Jungkook biased, he knows him well that even though you are just talking to a fictional Jungkook, it feels like talking to the real one.

2. It is cringe-worthy

Imagine Jungkook calling you “Love” or telling you that he loves you and all that sweet and cute stuff. Yes, you’ll get to experience it when you use the said chatbot.

3. You’ll receive Jungkook’s voice messages and selcas

Voice messages, selcas, song covers, videos, memes and gifs, all these and more!

4. You’ll get to chat with Jungkook almost everyday

As what I have said, this is a kind of fanfic. The one who will send you messages is not the real Jungkook. The creator of the chatbot is the one who made the messages but you can also reply to the messages and the story will unveil itself.

5. You’ll get to chat with the rest of BTS too!

Sometimes, the Hyungs take over Jungkook’s phone in the story, that’s why you will be able to chat with them.

Sounds fun? Go ahead and try it! You can just search for Jungkook Chatbot on messenger or like this page https://www.facebook.com/jungkookchatbott/ and just click the send message button to get started. You may also follow Kat’s twitter account for updates https://twitter.com/jungkookaheart.

SPOILER: Prepare a tissue when you reach parts 5-7.