4 Unique and Must-Try K-Beauty Products

​Korea never runs out of new and innovative K-Beauty products which are love by women around the world. We listed 4 products that we found unique and are interesting. Read on as we review each item.

1. Hey Nature’s Dual Color Lipstick

Gradient lips has been popular in Korea for quite some time now. High school students does it by applying lip tint on the inner part of the lips and blending it outwards so it will look natural. Others do it by using a light pink lipstick all over the lips and dabbing a red tone lipstick on the inner part. Now Hey Nature created a dual color lipstick that’s very convenient and easy to use. One lipstick and one swipe is all it takes to achieve the gradiation that you want. What I like about it is that it has a moisturizing texture which makes it suitable for dry lips. It is available in 11 shades as shown on the photo above.

2. Wizyoung’s Nail Mask

We can’t deny the fact that face masks are a staple product on Korean skin care. These sheet masks are also becoming a worldwide trend. But did you know that there’s also a mask specifically made for nails? Yes you read it right, its nail mask by Wizyoung.

What it claims:
This product was developed to provide intensive moisturizing and nourishing to your nail and skin around the nail, and to boost their healthiness and energy, restoring the damaged nail. This nail pack is composed of 3 parts – cuticle eraser, nail hydrating and nail shinning. This will remove cuticles and prevent nail from chipping and cracking. This nail pack will also provide nutrition and moisture to your nail, giving a healthy glow and moist to your dried and damaged nail by frequent use and change of nail polish.

For busy people like myself who doesn’t have time for long queues at the nail spa, this is an alternative solution to take care of our nails.

3. Secret Key’s Tattoo Lip Tint Pack

A lip product that doesn’t stain and can last for up to 12 hours? Well, I experienced it myself with Secret Key’s Tattoo Lip Tint Pack. The drill is simple, you just have to apply the gel type tint all over your lips, wait for it to dry and peel it. I used this product when I have to attend 2 Christmas parties in one night. It did live up to its promise. I was partying until the wee hours with unlimited cocktails and foods on the side, but I don’t have to worry about my lips because the tint stayed on. I had mine on shade no. 3 which is candy orange and it has a strong orange scent. Just a reminder though, do not use it if you have dry or chopped lips. Because it will hurt.

4. Riace’s Tinted Browse Tattoo Gel

It has the same preparation and application as the previous product, the only difference is that, it is made for the browse. I had mine on shade no. 1 which is dark brown. I struggled a little upon peeling the gel because it really adheres to the browse. When I finally peeled it off, the color deosn’t really look like dark brown, it’s more of grayish-black. So for those people who are looking for a lighter color, try shade no. which is brown. The product claims that it can stay on for days. But upon cleansing my face, it was totally erased. Note that I have an extensive skin care routine.

All of these products are available at Yeppunonnie PH which is the biggest supplier of K-Beauty products in the Philippines. For prices and orders, you may send them a message on their Facebook page @YeppunonniePH. They will also have an event this coming January with Jay Park as the special guest. For more details, you can check my previous article here.
Photos were taken from the brands’ official websites.