4 Reasons Why You Should Go to Jinro Slush Land in Boracay

​Comma Entertainment, the company behind the “Taste Jinro” series of clubbing events that took over the metro is taking their event to the next level as they will officially launch Jinro Slush in Boracay Beach Club Paraw this coming May 27.

​Jinro Slush is a refreshing drink made of Jinro 24 and fruit juice which is perfect for hot summer nights in Boracay. Jinro 24 is one of the representative brand of Hite Jinro along with Soju.
​Since we’ve been attending their events in Manila, we listed down the reasons on why you should come and experience it for yourselves!

1. The Crowd

Even though Jinro is a Korean Liquor and the organizers are Koreans, the crowd on their past events is a mixed of people from different races who knows how to party hard. Everyone who likes to have fun are very much welcome.

2. The DJ line up & The Music

A party will not be awesome without great music. The DJ Line up usually includes the best Filipino and premier Korean DJs straight from South Korea who never fail to give us solid sets!

3. Cash Prizes that are up for grabs

The organizers haven’t announced yet if they will also hold some contest during the event, but during their past parties, several competitions were held. Halloween costume costest, bartending competition and Best DJ contest to name a few. Cash prizes were also given to the winners.

4. Freebies

The organizers are also generous when it comes to freebies which are sponsored by Hite Jinro. Powerbanks, umbrellas, T-shirts, Flash drives and other stuff are given randomly.

​If you are planning to go to Boracay this summer and if you’re looking for some cool events or parties, you should definitely go to Jinro Slush Land! For more details, check out their Facebook page @tastehitejinro.